Pair Programming with Git

A workflow for humans

December 15, 2014

Git is really powerful, but it's also hard to learn if you're new to version control system (VCS) concepts. The thing is we often don't need all the features Git offers. For example, I like to track code changes from pair programming sessions separately from those I make myself. For this workflow, all I have to do is use different . . .

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Essential Patterns in Go Pt. 2

A simple method to "turn off" a select statement case when some condition is met

November 25, 2014

Reasoning about concurrency can be hard, but Golang makes it easier with powerful patterns like the for-select loop in a goroutine. Sometimes you don't need a case in a select statement, though. Below is a pattern that only triggers a case during the third iteration in a for loop. It takes advantage of the fact that nil channels block . . .

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Essential Patterns in Go

Extensible, concurrent code is easier in Go! Here's how...

October 22, 2014

golang gopher
The Golang tutorial and Effective Go will get you up to speed on the basics, but goroutines, channels, and interfaces make much more complex algorithms easier to implement (not to mention more readable) in Go. Here I've compiled some nifty Golang patterns from various talks, websites, etc. and made them a bit easier to understand at a . . .

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The Knife are breaking up FUCK IT ALL

No worries Caribou released something nice

August 21, 2014

One of the best bands of the last decade, The Knife, are calling it quits. It hurts so bad. Here's something nice though...

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New Dorp, NY

I like everything you do, Ezra

August 13, 2014

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New FKA Twigs

One of the most interesting singles of the year tbh

July 31, 2014

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Hack Reactor Technical Interview Protips

tl;dr Don't panic; keep talking

July 23, 2014

First things first

The technical interview for Hack Reactor was my first experience coding with another person watching. Don't do this. You definitely want to practice with a friend or coworker if you can. Something about figuring out how to tackle a problem while someone is observing you is nerve wracking and distracting. Practice makes . . .

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