Thoughts on C, Pt. 1

Python noob learns C; laugh at his ignorant questions because u r smrtr

April 08, 2014

The Kool Kids (TM) on the Internet say you're not a real computer user until you learn C and/or C++, so here it goes. I learned Python about a year ago and I've been curious why people don't use C more often, since it's apparently faster/more efficient. I'll be documenting my thoughts/questions as I learn C from build your . . .

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Open Source Software: A Lot Like the Real World

Or, Make an Awesome for Github and Update It Too!

January 15, 2014

The Hacker News front page is a wasteland of bootstrapped "startup"founder folklore (come on, you know I'm right: you probably skimmed multiple bullshit articles about "growth hacking" this week. What the fuck was that?). I want to know what successful open source projects do that others don't, but most articles I . . .

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Links of the day 140113

You look like shit on the subway edition

January 13, 2014

stolen from @EarthPix and probably someone else
Shamelessly stolen from @EarthPix

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Links of the day 140108

Click these Internet Internet click splash popup

January 09, 2014

fuck i should be asleep read these links

  • Light Table - An IDE with tons of potential: think Sublime Text with Python documentation around when you want it; still in alpha
  • T-Mobile CEO saying things - Basically, you just need to know he called mobile plans "horseshit," which everyone already knows is true. Check out this clickbait if you really want to know more. . . .

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Stop worrying and do something

Lessons learned from rats and programming, Pt. 1

January 04, 2014

I'm a perfectionist. What that really means is I'm immensely critical of myself and others, but I have a hard time getting things done. It took me 5 minutes to write those two sentences. (I bet a lot of "perfectionists" have this problem!) Why? I tend to get caught up in the planning phase of, well, everything. I never did . . .

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